Newtonian Notes


I deliberately choose the title of the booklet by Peter Francis.
My hat off and my deepest consideration to You, great masters who push the glass and make those beautiful mirrors and lenses.
Unfortunately I don’t belong to this hard core, fundamentalist group of telescope makers.
I’m doing a much lower level of Telescope Making which is building telescopes with commercial or amateur made optical elements.
I’m proposing to discuss in this topic and similar ones, this kind of telescope making.
I’m in a good mood because today I had the ‘‘first light’’ of my new Newtonian telescope built around a Sky Watcher mirror D = 148mm F = 752mm.
I tested the telescope and it provided excellent images showing M27, M71, Double Cluster in Perseus, Trumpler 1 and more.
The sky was cloudy. Before being completely clouded I split with the new Newtonian double stars like 13 Vul, Delta Cyg and STF 3062, STF 3957 in Cassiopeia.
I was looking not for tight double stars but ones with significant differences in magnitudes of the components. I fear the effect of the pretty high central obstruction.
I had to use a 45mm secondary so the central obstruction is 30%.
Well, nothing to fear here. The telescope is working fine on DSO.
I expect to be a cost at the planetary observations but that is yet to be done.

I haven’t yet took pictures of the finished OTA, here is an ‘‘interregnum’’ image.

Regards, Mircea